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Bob McNeil is the author of Verses of Realness.  Hal Sirowitz, Queens Poet Laureate, described the book as “A fantastic trip through the mind of a poet who doesn't flinch at the truth.”  Bob was published in The Shout It Out Anthology, Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes (Volume 1), Not My President, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and The Self-Portrait Poetry Collection, etc.

Furthermore, Bob wants his artistic work to be a fortress against despotic politics.  After years of being a professional illustrator, spoken word artist and writer, he still wants his work to express only one cause—justice.  

America’s Unconstitutional Grill

Near the counter,

    One seat away from a guy named Uncle Sam,

    I sat in America’s Unconstitutional Grill,

    Notorious for its discrimination special.

    Recollections took my psyche traveling

    Throughout gripped and whipped generations.     

    I remembered Sam’s culture-ramming family

    Capturing my kin

    And reducing them to abused horses

    In a round pen.

My temper went from a semiautomatic pistol

    To a ballistic missile.   

    Around then

    My anger could have leveled

    America’s Unconstitutional Grill.  

Right before my left was going to punch Sam

    So his teeth would meet a dirt heap  

    ‘Neath some table’s feet,  

    Non-Caucasian children came in.

    They ordered cheeseburgers.

     A spoiled-cream-distasteful waitress,

     Wearing a hairnet,

     Said, “The Grill did not get

    The School Budget Tomato Sauce yet.”

Judging from the way

     Their liveliness took a graveyard turn,   

     Non-Caucasian children did learn

     Unconcern made their meals burn.      

According to other non-Caucasian patrons,

    There was not much pepper

    In the House and Senate stew.   

    Non-Caucasian patrons spat discontent

    Over the cop-frisked pork biscuits  

    Accompanying assorted penal-smelly vittles.  

Seconds from leaving America’s Unconstitutional Grill,

    Despite my refusal to select a speck,

    The waitress tossed me a check.  

    After I tabulated

    Subjugation's cost,

    I told the ashy cashier,

    “Get the damn owners to atone

    And reimburse for every year

    My people spent here.”  

by Bob McNeil

Copyright 2019

Richie Richardson & Bob McNeil - Fashion Passion Fashion Week 2019

Bob McNeil

This Month’s Featured Artist - October 2019

Turners Falls MA, located about 100 miles West of Boston. It is there I went to photograph Trinidad born designer Richie Richardson’s annual Fashion Passion Fashion Week event. I met Bob McNeil, the brother handles the English language like no other I have heard. The audience was hooked on every word he spoke. - Nice meeting you my brother.

See profile below the artistic genius, poet and word smith profile. Check out “America’s Unconditional Grill”  others will be posted in the coming months connect with Bob on his Facebook page Bob McNeil

Facebook link: Bob McNeil


Bob McNeil