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Boston’s Trinidad Style Carnival founded 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell (1942 -2008) & Ivy Ponder (deceased)

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Celebrating 25+ Years of Caribbean Culture Coverage

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The Steelpan Lyme

Steelpan Radio Links

SteelpanVibes, “It More Than Music” Radio Show

WACK 90.1FM - Steelpan City With Your Girl Vanessa Headley

RadioIere Mancheater UK


Lord kitchner (AKA Aldwyn Roberts) composed over 1000 song - most of his compositions were composed with the Steelpan in mind

THE Steelpan is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago

Lord Kitchener - Aldwyn Roberts

Aldwyn Roberts

Steelpan Track of The Month - An amazing rework of Pan by Storm. (Pan by Storm - The Storm Continues)This track was released on the anniversary of Ken “Professor” Philmore passing. I understand Sherwin Thwaites group is releasing an album next years (Chrome) and this track will be included.

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